Rock House Road Processing 
Established 1990

Bobby Parker began Rock House Road Processing with his wife, Debbie, in 1990 in a small facility beside his home.  As business grew they expanded their facility to what it is today.  

Bobby has attended classes and seminars in Kansas City Missouri on processing techniques of meat products. Both Bobby and Debbie have attended HAACP training in York, South Carolina.

The three on-site smoke houses were refurbished by Bobby from Virginia Tech. 

At Rock House Road Processing we guarantee the deer you shoot is the deer you eat.  For all basic processing (burger, cube steak, stew meat, loins, chops etc.) we use only the deer that you check in to us.  We do not combine your deer meat with that of any other customer in these cuts.  When you drop off your deer we give you a tag with a number and your name to attach to your deer.  This tag follows your deer through the entire cutting and packaging process so that we can guarantee the product belongs to you!

To make sausage and smoked products it is necessary to combine meat for processing in order to have the correct proportions for the recipe.  Although we will combine meat for these items we can ensure you that we only use the cleanest meat to make your sausage and smoked products! 

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